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Timing your Meals

What to eat and when is often the question on the mind of any runner when it comes to fitting in running around daily life. As a runner we have to consider, are we running a race or doing a gentle recovery run. Therefore what you eat totally depends on your goal for that day.

For harder training sessions your body will use carbohyrates as it’s source of energy. We only have small stores of carbohydrate hence why it’s so important to top up those stores regularly when we have a race or tough training planned. When taking part in less intense activity the body will burn fat as its source, therefore carbohydrates are not as essential.

In terms of when to eat, if you’re having a large meal it is usually a good idea to wait somewhere between 2-4 hours after a meal meaning you’ll have chance to digest the meal. For snacks, approximately an hour is usually sufficient time. However, with regards to food and exercise it really is about working out what is right for you and what you’re comfortable with. It might be a case of trial and error and working out what works best with your daily routine.

Here are some great recipes reccomended by BBC Good Food for Runners

Morning snack options:
Cinnamon berry granola bars
Banana yogurt pots

Lunch options:
Falafel burgers
Chicken & broccoli pasta bake
Quick chilli bean wraps

Afternoon snack suggestion:
Instant frozen berry yogurt

Dinner options:
Spanish rice & prawn one-pot
Lamb with buckwheat noodles & tomato dressing
Chicken, sweet potato & coconut curry

Evening snack suggestions (optional):
Protein shake

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