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VÅGA Cap Review

VÅGA cap review

At Running Bear, we love VÅGA caps! They are available in a variety of dazzling colours and suit every type of outdoor enthusiast. While these caps are lightweight and breathable, we like them because they also manage to stay on our heads, even in stronger winds. This unique British brand was founded in the Lake District, which is not too far from our shop in Alderley Edge.

As a local brand, we can tell that these caps were designed with British weather in mind. They are perfect for hiking in the fells of Cumbria or running along the canal in Cheshire. Many of our Bears like to wear these caps even when they are not out running because they like their unique design that you won’t find on anyone else.

vaga review running bear


Our Favourite Features:

Some of our favourite things about the brand are how we can match our caps to our brightly coloured running shoes. The bright colours and unique design also makes it easy for people to spot us in the crowd on race day. Another design choice that we think is cool is how the logo is also printed under the peak of the cap. We don’t tend to see that feature on other running hats.

From a more technical aspect, we like the adjustable strap in the Vantage Model, this ensures a secure fit as well as the absorbent internal headband which stops sweat from dripping into our eyes. Another feature that we like is how the cap can be folded into a pocket or small running bag yet it still retains its shape. This means we can bring our caps anywhere and we never have to run without one.

vaga cap review running bear

15% off when you join RBRC

Try VÅGA  at our shop today, and let us know what you think of this up and coming brand! All UK orders qualify for 99p Delivery. If you would like 15% off your VÅGA cap consider joining our Virtual Running Club! You can learn more about RBRC here. 

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