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Why Bamboo is for you!

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Ventilation & Performance

Bamboo fabric offers fantastic ventilation for heat as it has microscopic holes in the fibres, keeping you fresher and dryer for longer. The natural bamboo fibre structure repels moisture and therefore wicks away moisture quickly and is super, naturally stretchy and thus very comfortable. It helps keep your temperature constant, so whether you’re interval training or hitting hot up-hills and cooler downhills of the fells, you’ll be the perfect temperature.


Bamboo naturally grows faster and doesn’t need any additional fertilisers or pesticides, which means less pollution in the environment. It also absorbs a considerable more amount of Carbon than a normal tree. As a plant, it can self re-generate when harvested from the original roots. This means it doesn’t need re-planting once harvested, which is even better as that is where most carbon is stored. It also uses far less water to grow than a traditional crop.

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Simple Washing and No Ironing

Bamboo is naturally wrinkle-resistant! It can also be washed in cool water and doesn’t need fabric softener as it is naturally very soft!

Keeps Fresh

Bacteria create odour, but with moisture not sitting on the bamboo fabric, the air can’t get to the bacteria that causes the odour. This means your running gear stays fresh for longer. You can also reduce your carbon footprint as it needs washing less.


The anti-static and super soft nature of bamboo means it doesn’t irritate your skin.

All of these benefits are a part of our new Bamboo Zen Collection! If you love athletic wear and still want to protect the environment, consider shopping for eco-friendly products!

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