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🎄Running Bear Christmas Gift Guide🎄

🎄Running Bear Christmas Gift Guide🎄

1) Stance Socks

Every runner will admit, you can never have too many socks! You won’t get any socks funkier and comfier than Stance. They come in different heights, so you can find the perfect sock for yourself or your loved one!

2) Big Bobble Hats

The PERFECT stocking filler. All the bears love these awesome hats – not only for the pre-run and post-run warmth – but for all other festive activities whether it’s winter walks or hot choccies in the park with a pal!

3) Running Belts

The number 1 rule for any runner is to have the safety essential of a phone when out and about. We have these fantastic reflective and waterproof belts to make sure your key items don’t get damaged.

4) Arm Phone Holders

For those that aren’t a fan of belts, these are the perfect alternative. Carry your phone securely and comfortably, meaning you stay irritation free on your run.

 5) Head Torches

We all can’t wait for the lighter nights of April, but until then headtorches are crucial for those wanting to hit the roads and trails before and after the 9am-5pm workday. There’s nothing worse than a headtorch that doesn’t light the way for you, so take a look at some of these fab options for family and friends.

6) Slippers Oofos

Instead of buying your running loved one a pair of slippers for Christmas, get them something that’s going to help their running and recovery (that can double up as slippers!).

Oofos are loved by runners for helping their feet feel fresh after pounding the roads and trails for hours.

7) Foam Roller

We know it hurts for those few moments but we also know how much better it makes us feel in the days following a run. Is your loved one moaning about achey legs? This may help them feel those longer runs less!.

8) Running Gloves

An essential for winter running, especially for those heading out early in the morning and the evening when the cold and wind really bites. We have a variety of gloves, whether it is reflective or wind-blocking, we’ll have the right set of gloves to keep fingers frost-free.

 9) High Vis Gilet

Road safety is crucial, again until those late nights that won’t start getting lighter for a while. The flash of a reflective stripe and a bit of fluo yellow adds that extra element of safety, and it’s definitely worth the investment whether you’re running, cycling or out on a twilight walk.

10) Running Bear Socks

The Best stocking filler on the list. At £6 pound a sock, or buy free get the fourth free, these are the ULTIMATE value for money with these fantastic socks having British quality stitched in. Not only are they the perfect winter socks with the wool keeping your feet’s temperature regulated, but they also come in a variety of colours with the iconic Running Bear logo making you part of a secret club that is based across the world!


Still not sure for ideas? Pop in and see us or give us a call on 01625 582130 – we’re experts at helping you find the perfect Christmas gifts and running goodies!

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