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Beat Blue Monday with Running Bear

blue monday for runners

Did you know that today is nicknamed #BlueMonday? It’s supposed to be the day that’s known as the most depressing of the year 😔 but if you’re a regular here you’ll know that doesn’t quite sit right with us! So we’ve made it our mission to to try and change that, by sharing some feel-good stories across social, mail and online! So if you’re feeling a little down in the dumps today, read on for some inspiration and all things positive with our take on #NoBlueMonday! 😃

“All the Bears inspire me so much to get out and start running. These two chaps have helped me so much at this point in the picture (below) I think we were all pretty broken but we all worked together and got round Snowdon Half Marathon” Adam Brown – RBRC Member

Blue Monday

Suffering with an injury right now and struggling to see past it? Injuries seem to come at the worst time, we’re hitting PB’s, feeling good, ready to attack the New Year and BAM.. Your grumpy achilles rears it’s ugly 🙄  Take a look at Ben Parkes blog here and read about how he deals with injury setbacks, unfortunately part of this amazing sport we love.

You can also shop a range of injury prevention and rehab tools here. Remember it’s always beneficial to take a proactive approach rather than reactive approach to injury prevention!

“I joined RBRC in June2020 during lockdown as a way to connect with others who were running. It was a great way to be part of a supportive club for all abilities. I also took part in my first interval session in that summer with the encouragement of Coach Nick, and have enjoyed and seen the benefits of them ever since. It’s been great making some new friends along the way too.” Hazel Douce – RBRC Member 

New to running? Or feel like your just not getting anywhere fast? Checkout some useful information from Jonny Mellor here listing some of the more common mistakes runners make!  At this time of the year, trying to progress too quickly is a common mistake we see many runners make in the Bears den. Jonny recommends instead to focus on building gradually and progressively and aim for consistency to reduce your risk or injury or illness. 

We all love some cool action shots don’t we, RBRC member Andrew Simms is no different and has found Coach Nick and Bill to be hugely supportive in offering him advice and guidance during our Wednesday night interval sessions. Could you too benefit from joining our Wednesday runners? Each week we meet at 6:30pm in Alderley Edge. For more information contact at us at the shop here.

Blue Monday


Food glorious food… As a runner there’s nothing quite like it!

We run, we eat and we sleep… but can the foods we eat make us happier?

Click on the article below to find the top 50 mood boosting foods 👇 (You’ll be pleased to find Red Wine in there! 😜)


We’ll finish on this powerful quote from our RBRC member Mathew Hope; 

12 months ago I was unhappy with who I was, had split from my wife and overweight! I decided to start running again as I loved this when I was younger. Gym and running gave me a massive boost physically and mentally with a drive to better myself! I am solo travelling to other countries, 4 stone lighter, achieving 20k runs 2h 4 in prep for Northumberland half marathon at the end of the month, and have a 50k at fort Augustus booked!

For anyone feeling down today we hope this blog posts makes you smile and brightens your day even just a little bit! 😊

Do you too want to be part of our inclusive, inspiring virtual running club? Click on the link here and to join! 

As a RBRC member you’ll benefit from

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  • Best of all… it’s FREE!
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