Running Bear Socks – Mummy Bear Edition

Running Bear Socks – Mummy Bear Edition


Our Mummy Bear Socks are the perfect gift for any Mum! These purple socks with our classic bear logo in blue are sure to give your mum an extra pep in her step!

Our Running Socks are Made in Britain.

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Product Description

Our Famous Running Bear Socks have been around almost as long as we have, and they have become a staple piece of kit for runners across the country!🐾

 These socks are not limited to runners, many cyclists & hikers rave about our socks.

Made with our wonderful British Supplier Ladkins in Nottingham.

Sock Composition:

Wool-Nylon Cushion Foot: 40% Wool, 40% Acrylic, 20% Nylon | Leg: 100% Nylon

About the author: Lucy Benson

You Buy One, We Give One!
At Running Bear, we’re big believers in helping the community around us. Our new initiative involves our World Famous Running Bear Socks. Now, when you buy a pair, we give a pair to one of our three nominated charities. These charities do a tremendous amount to help the homeless communities in the UK.

The Booth Centre
This is a community centre run with and for people affected by homelessness.
Mustard Tree
They help people to change their lives, secure better accommodation and economic wellbeing.
They provide 1,107-bed spaces for homeless young people and now operate 60 services providing support to young people across the UK.

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About the author: Lucy Benson


XS: 12.5 (Kids)-3.5 | S: 4-7 | M: 7-9 | L: 9-11 | XL: 11-13

About the author: Lucy Benson


“I love these when its wet or muddy keep my feet dryer just that little bit longer!” Vicky Meadowcroft, Instagram

“Top Socks!” Gary Ludwin, Twitter

 “Wore mine today on an extremely wet and muddy walk!” Diana Jennings, Facebook

“Sooooo comfy”  Sarah Yates, Instagram

About the author: Lucy Benson


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