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Summer Trail Running Must Haves

best trail gear for summer 2021 in the UK running bear trail shoes

Summer is here! Below are the Bear’s favourite items for runners on the trail.

Trail Shoes

There are some fabulous summer trail options out there! We love the ON Cloudventure in the summer, as it is lightweight, breathable and great for the downhill on dusty trails. If you get sweaty feet, it is wise to steer clear of waterproof shoes as in summer these can lack breathability.


If you are pushing yourself by heading up hills and exerting yourself more than your normal run, it would be wise to take some nutrition to keep your energy up. We love the OTE Energy Gels as they’re kind on the stomach and provide that much needed burst of energy.

Lightweight Socks

On hot summer days, your feet can get swell and get very hot so it’s a good idea to give them maximum breathability. We recommend something like the Hilly Lite or the Running Bear Tactel Sock to help keep your feet cool.

Hydration Vest

It’s so important when you’re exerting yourself on hot days to carry adequate hydration – especially when you’re out in the trails and don’t have access to water sources unlike when you’re running in town (I’ve been known to nip into café to get water when on a long hot run – I can’t do this on the trails so it requires much more preparation and administration). There are multiple different types and sizes of hydration vests and carriers, so you can carry adequate hydration and store other important bits too. My personal favourite is the Ronhill Nano Vest.

running through the woods in heaton running bear

Mobile Phone

At any time of year, if you are heading out always take your phone – there multiple different and comfortable ways to carry it (I quite often forget it’s on me!). My favourite way to carry my phone is in a side pocket in my shorts. It’s crucial to have a phone with you as accidents happen, or if you’re feeling unwell you can contact someone to pick you up or bring extra fluids/nutrition to get you back on track. See our new Utopia Collection Shorts for a great side pocket! Our SPI Belts are also a great option for discreetly carrying all of your items.

Sun Cream

It’s crucial to protect yourself against UV rays! Try and get ahead of the game and apply it well before you go out so it has time to absorb. When running, you need to also re-apply every hour as often we’ll sweat off very quickly any sun cream that we’ve applied. Ideally, try and get hold of a sweatproof one too!

Weather Kit

You need to be prepared for all conditions when going out trail running. In hot weather, a Sun Visor can help keep you cool. Sunglasses also help reduce glare and keep rays out of your eyes too. If you are going up into the mountains you need to be prepared with a wet weather kit such as waterproof trousers and coat and emergency blankets as weather can change very quickly and you don’t want to be caught out. Ambassador Carol Bird’s favourite jacket is the OMM Halo, as it’s lightweight and folds away small enough to be stored super easily.

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