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The Importance of Strength Training

 Running is great for keeping you fit, however you may want to mix up your exercise routine, plus there are SOOO many benefits of strength training for runners.

It is key for all types of runners to carry out strength training as not only does it improve our times but it also decreases your chance of picking up an injury. Scientific Research has also shown that strength training increases your speed and VO2 Max as your muscles don’t require you to expend as much energy to maintain or increase your pace. Therefore to maximise your potential it is crucial to sometimes stop pounding the roads and take time to focus on the other areas such as strength, mobility, flexibility and balance.

Below is a simple formula as to why it is good for you:

Stronger Muscles & Connective Tissues

Better Coordination & Power

Better Stride Efficiency

It’s vital you work out your lower body, as your legs are important in terms of propelling your run. However, it’s not just your legs that need to be worked out. Having a strong core is the foundation for any runner as your back muscles and abdomen help to make your spine more stable which ultimately makes your running more efficient. You also need to think about your arms; when your legs start to get tired  your arms become so much more significant as they become the drivers to keep you going.

Running Bear have teamed up with some of our Bear Family @lauraellenj and @NumberOneHSP to bring you a couple of home workout videos that will help keep you fit and happy over these next few weeks. There are also some great at home work out apps and free youtube channels that have programmes to keep you active. At the moment Runner’s world are live streaming at home work-outs from their Instagram, and have some great recommendations in this article https://www.runnersworld.com/training/g31674710/free-at-home-workouts/.

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